Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

In all eating and drinking establishments, cooking equipment is the leading cause of fires, accounting for over 60% of them, according to NFPA. And the toll it takes on lives and property is equally concerning. Honest Maintenance helps to protect your property and the lives of your customers, employees, family, and friends.

Inspection and maintenance

Every 6 months

  • Confirm all hazards are propertly protected with correct nozzles

  • Check that hood and duct penetrations are properly sealed
  • Insure the pressure gauge is within acceptable range
  • Confirm that cylinder is fully compliant and has no defects
  • Check that cartridge weight is acceptable
  • Insure that detection line and manual emergency pullstation function properly
  • Check for proper installation and use of gas valve and microswitches
  • Insure that piping and conduit are securely bracketed with no defects
  • Perform piping obstruction test
  • Check operation of exhaust fan
  • Confirm that system complies with UL-300 standards
  • Replace cartridge (Semi-Annual: CO2 or older cartridges)
  • Replace cartridge (Annual: Pyrochem)











Every 12 years

  • Hydrostatic testing or replacement of system cylinder
  • Hydrostatic testing or replacement of Nitrogen cartridge (Ansul/Amerex/Kidde)
  • Hydrostatic testing or replacement of hoses
  • Hydrostatic testing or replacement of regulator



Special Hazard

A building, a room, a vehicle, and even a ship can have special fire hazards. These areas can be very challenging to protect without a special hazard fire suppression system. This is where Honest Maintenance and our affiliate partners come in with knowledge and training to provide the proper protection for every hazard.

Pre-Engineered Solutions:

Industrial Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems


Industrial CO2 Fire Suppression Systems


Direct and Indirect FM200 and Novec 1230 Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems


Fire Extinguishers

Often the first line of defense against small fires is portable fire extinguishers. Like all lifesaving equipment, you want it to function properly in an emergency, stopping small fires from progressing into large fires that can possibly take lives and destroy property. Honest Maintenance ensures that your equipment operates as it is intended so that you can be prepared in an emergency. Let Honest Maintenance help you keep people and property safe.

Inspection and Maintenance Schedule 

Every Month

  • Visual inspection of each extinguisher.

Every Year

  •  External maintenance examination.

Every 5 Years  (K-Class  and CO2 Extinguishers)

  • Hydrostatic testing on both carbon dioxide and water-based extinguishers.

Every 6 Years

  • Internal inspection for ABC fire extinguishers.

Every 12 Years

  • Required hydrostatic testing on ABC and other stored pressure and cartridge-operated extinguishers.

Exit And Emergency Lighting

Let our Honest Maintenance affiliates light up the path to safety with a wide range of products and services to address all of your exit and emergency lighting requirements.

Maintenance Schedule

Every Month

  • Ensure lamps are aimed in the correct direction and that they properly illuminate.
  • Inspect external lighting equipment for any damage.
  • Keep a monthly log of inspections up to date for local authorities.
  • 30-second test to ensure it is in working order.
  • Make sure all areas of the building have required emergency lighting.

Every year

  • Required 90-minute battery and lighting system test.
  • Verify unit is in correct condition.
  • Check that AC/DC lamps or bulbs are in working order.
  • Ensure the charging system is working properly.
  • A thorough inspection of all emergency lighting units.
  • Ensure battery voltage is within specifications.

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